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Human to beast one second to release

One year, one month,One day, one hour, one minute, one second i will hit my anger peak sadly the year is now the month is unknown the day is everyday, the hour is everlasting the minute just the beginning but the second will be the moment i stop caring about everyone, it will be that moment when i disown my family, i end my relationship, and i stop talking to my friends because nothing is calming me from this flame, I’ve gotten hotter everday. I sleep with the air conditioner because of it, all the question i ask my self are finally answered i dont have to think about them anymore and thats why the question floating in my mind turned into answers it leads to mutiple conclusions but only one i will fight but it wont be a long fight. Soon I’ll stop caring for that too. Must people try to help when its simple that you dont want it and to a certain point dont need it i want my damage it makes life simpler. Being alone makes it easy to because you dont have to hurt anyone anymore only yourself without friends you cant betray trust nor visa versa. Family youll no longer have bullshit family issuse. All coming together simply to say when i die i wont be remembered, i wont have anyone in the world to concern, no one to leave behind, the whole 9 yards.

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